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It could be categorized with an artist like Ellie Goulding, but VÉRITÉ's music has a little more bite to it.

Release date: October 20, 2014

I found VÉRITÉ through one of my weekly NoiseTrade emails. If I end up clicking through one of the emails, I'll go through a couple of tracks and download based on a gut reaction. The Echo EP pulled me in pretty quickly and it keeps getting plays over and over again.

It's dance/electronic, but a little bit different. There's something more sophisticated about the lyrics and the song composition. It could be categorized with an artist like Ellie Goulding (and I like some Goulding's songs), but VÉRITÉ's music has a little more bite to it. I think all four tracks are strong on their own with "Strange Enough" and "Heartbeat" vying for my favorite depending on what kind of tempo I'm in the mood for. I think the vocals in "Heartbeat" are particularly nice, shifting the feel of the song emphasis and some power.

The Echo EP is a nice quartet of songs and worth your time, especially if you're into or in the mood for something more synth-based, but beyond just waiting for the bass to drop. It's got a little Sneaker Pimps and Depeche Mode feel with its own voicing.

You can find her Soundcloud here.

This is the soundtrack to: Settling into your desk with a mission, starting a drive out of the city.

Punch Brothers - "Reptilia"

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Oh hello there post-Thanksgiving, internet-wandering reader. I hope you’re in the safety of your own home as you peruse this article in between whatever junk mail is offering you the best Black Friday interweb deal. Maybe you’re in line having decided to venture forth into one of the many arenas of commerce that want your dollar for their loss leader.

Wherever you may be, I bring you the Punch Brothers covering The Strokes “Reptilia.” This song was already bad ass, but these guys manage to blue grass-ify (yes, I just did that) the song and keep the freneticism of the original. Extra points for: banjo/violin solo.

Are you fighting mall traffic, need a pick-me-up? Try the original version. Use the Julian Casablancas sneer to scare off that old lady trying to take your parking spot. TOUGH LUCK GRANDMA, YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO WALK.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: some slight motivation to do something after all of that eating yesterday.

AWOLNATION - "Guilty Filthy Soul"

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AWOLNATION put out an album back in 2011 called Megalithic Symphony. It's a big grungy electronic landscape full of funky grooves and hooks. One of my favorite tracks is "Guilty Filthy Soul." It's a pretty good representation of the album and also a good little jam for your day. The song starts about 50 seconds in, after a short interview.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: Jamming with your sins, dancing white-people style, KNEES AND ELBOWS.

Flights Over Phoenix

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This Tuesday post is the last of a series on local music from Southern New England with this entry from Los Angeles with New England roots.

Flights Over Phoenix

A fist-pumping, belt-it-in-you-car type of chorus. It's one of my jams right now.

Current Catalogue: ReverbNation

Flights Over Phoenix is a Los Angeles band by way of Massachusetts. I've actually known Keith for a while and have been listening to music he's written or sang over the last nine years. He teamed up with Alex and Chris and they're in the final leg of finishing an album for the end of this year/beginning of next. In the meantime, there's a handful of tracks to be found and downloaded FOR FREE at ReverbNation.

The band's music pulls from a host of popular and alternative influences; I consider it pop, as in the kind of music I would expect to be enjoyed by most people and be heard on the radio. I think it's well-written music that doesn't pander to its audience and stands on its own without having to grab at the latest pop trope.

My favorite track is "Runaway California." It's been on my playlist for a while and I have yet to grow tired of it. The slow organ build-up gives way to a fist-pumping, belt-it-in-you-car type of chorus. It's one of my jams right now.

So we move east to west to close out the run of Southern New England local bands (for now); we finish with some fresh pop music that you should go download right now and give your playlists a little kick.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: A little shot of sunshine, already looking ahead to warmer weather.

Gregory Porter - "Be Good (Lion's Song)"

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I was working on a couple of reviews, but find myself sidetracked by this lovely song and video. One of the Noisetrade emails this week brought me to Gregory Porter. Jazz/soul is usually on my outer edges, mostly because I'm an uncouth alt-rock/pop fan, but the three song sampler had me going and "Be Good (Lion's Song)" was the hammer that got me to download and tip.

The descending bass and piano line set the stage for his big, but easy voice. As you listen you realize it's melancholy in lyric, but it still feels warm. It's the kind of song you want playing in the background as you catch up with old friends or start another round of drinks.

The video is a nice compliment, it manages to keep it light without getting cutesy and has some nice visual metaphors.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: Get the feeling of the season, get some soul.


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