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Wrabel - "Sideways"

12/12/14 10:30, by Mark, 130 words | , Categories: Music  

This was an iTunes free single several weeks back and it's still running strong in my "Songs I Want To Hear Today" playlist. It's a pretty piano-based tune with a beat that launches it into an uptempo piece. There's an organic feel to Wrabel's voice that someone was smart enough not to overproduce and let this turn into just another dance tune. This year has been about relationships of all types for me and the lyrical content resonates ("Built this house on fault lines / Outta the things that we never say"); it's also fun to try to belt out his falsetto in the car.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: Trying to move through the inertia of any relationship that's stuck.

BONUS ROUND: This is the stripped down live version.

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