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The Tower And The Fool - How Long

10/29/14 09:45, by Mark, 539 words | , Categories: Music  

The next few Monday (sometimes Wednesday) posts are going to focus on local music from Southern New England and an entry from Los Angeles with New England roots.

The Tower And The Fool - How Long

They are a pretty heavy one-two punch from each singer.

Release date: April 24, 2012

The Tower and The Fool are a Providence, Rhode Island band. At least I think they are still a band. Their Facebook page seems to be gathering tumbleweeds and AbsolutePunk's most recent news refers to one of the singers as an ex- member. So I'm not sure what's up, but they are/were a local band that put out a record that I like and still listen to, so onward we go.

The band's sound has an indie-folk feel to it with some poppy elements. What makes their sound stick out are the contrasting vocal styles of the two frontmen: Former punk/hardcore frontman Alex Correia brings an emotion to his lyrics with emphasis and vocal power, where the more folky singer/songwriter Chris Rosenquest uses his gravel-tinged voice and particular cadence to deliver the emotions lying behind each line. While these may seem stark in contrast they give the album some variety and some good harmonies.

The album begins with a snare crack and a catchy opening guitar melody to bring us "Dive Bar." This would be one of the best examples of an Alex song as I mentioned above. It's a late-night look back type of song and jumps you right into the energy and emotion they can bring. The album moves up and down in tempo from there, eventually slowing down for a super-sad-middle of the sandwich songs "How Long" and "My Heart Is Dead In NYC." They are good songs, but they are a pretty heavy one-two punch from each singer. "Valentine's Day" makes a good attempt at pulling us out of the mire, but man they just lay the sads out on those two tracks. How Long maintains an overall mid-tempo speed before closing with what I think is the best example of a Chris song, "Who Does She Think She Is?" It's a great end-of-album song with a slew of solid metaphors. You want a sample? OF COURSE YOU DO:

I still can't shake the times we danced, we sang
Love is a horrible thing
I still can't push those dinners very far
But I could push you out of my car
But I would come around again
Love is a horrible friend

My, my that's beautiful, encapsulating, and crippling depending on your state of mind. I LOVE MUSIC.

Other notable tracks for listening include the soft lilt of "Breach" and the somewhat clunky, but endearing "Scoliosis." The latter has a chorus that when taken apart seems on the edge of silly, but the sentiment and the delivery of the song manage to make it work.

I know Chris and Alex have gone on to release their own individual material, so I'm not sure what the future holds for The Tower And The Fool. You can buy How Long here and check it out for yourself.

This is the soundtrack to: A sunny weather heavy heart, music for coming home after the bar, but still have a few drinks left in you before bed.

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