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Role Models

11/13/08 08:22, by Mark, 354 words | , Categories: Film  

State-issued fun.

Sharp lines, great timing, and smart writing all around.

I don’t go to the movies very often. It’s not that I don’t like film, I’m just a hard guy to pin down for two hours. I decided to go last weekend and had a few options. Originally Rachel Getting Married was on the table, but that was a little too dark for the mood. It came down to Zach and Miri and Role Models; the latter turned out to be an excellent choice.

Role Models was at least three times the laughs I thought it was going to be. It looked too easy in the previews and while it was predictable, it didn’t pander and it didn’t beat the audience mercilessly with its plot and points.

What I didn’t know was this movie was written by Paul Rudd and David Wain, with Wain directing as well. There are several of Wain’s fellow sketch comedians from The State reprising various roles throughout the film.

The dialogue in this movie is great. Sharp lines, great timing, and smart writing all around, the laughs are consistent and carry the “bored and angry guy and his buddy, slacking womanizer, get in trouble and learn to lighten up,” story very well. Paul Rudd drives this film and Seann William Scott is a very good complement without slipping into Stifler or the Dude, Where’s My Car? guy. They leave the relationship of Rudd and Elizabeth Banks’ characters off to the side and let the humor, which truly is the success of the movie, do the heavy lifting.

I was already botching lines from the movie 2 minutes after walking out and may even get this on DVD, bringing my movie count to, 20? Anyway, if you liked Wet Hot American Summer, or any of The State’s work, this movie should be right in your comfort zone. I B.S. you not.

This is the movie to: sit back and enjoy, get a lot of laughs from, even and ponder joining a LARP group.

P.S. The guy at the counter gave me the student rate. Woo! Suckers.

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Comment from: Valerie  

This movie was phenomenal.

04/07/09 @ 11:29

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