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Punch Brothers - "Reptilia"

11/28/14 00:11, by Mark, 161 words | , Categories: Music  

Oh hello there post-Thanksgiving, internet-wandering reader. I hope you’re in the safety of your own home as you peruse this article in between whatever junk mail is offering you the best Black Friday interweb deal. Maybe you’re in line having decided to venture forth into one of the many arenas of commerce that want your dollar for their loss leader.

Wherever you may be, I bring you the Punch Brothers covering The Strokes “Reptilia.” This song was already bad ass, but these guys manage to blue grass-ify (yes, I just did that) the song and keep the freneticism of the original. Extra points for: banjo/violin solo.

Are you fighting mall traffic, need a pick-me-up? Try the original version. Use the Julian Casablancas sneer to scare off that old lady trying to take your parking spot. TOUGH LUCK GRANDMA, YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO WALK.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: some slight motivation to do something after all of that eating yesterday.

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