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Mikhael Paskalev - "I Spy"

10/02/14 08:00, by Mark, 147 words | , Categories: Music  

I found this interesting number through NoiseTrade. Mikhael Paskalev seems a little bit Paul Simon, a little bit frenetic Bob Dylan, and a fair amount of mustache. This softly blazing tune has a commonality we can all latch onto ("To fall is connected to try."), a shuffling drum beat, and an earworm of a bassline to get in your head.

The video has some good acting and some really nice shots; I love the lighting at 1:28. It also came out two years ago, so I don't know if it's going to catch again, but it has the humor and a riff on Risky Business that might give it a second life. He also happens to look like a super-hip Ron Swanson, so that might help.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: A little lift up from a long week and dancing around like you're in your underwear.

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