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Mike Droho & The Compass Rose - And The World Makes Sense Again

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Mike Droho & The Compass Rose - And The World Makes Sense Again

A multitude of elements that complement the focus.

Release Date: October 1, 2009

So every now and then I receive an email from someone who thinks I should check out their band, or the band they’re managing. I received such a query for Mike Droho & The Compass Rose. After marinating in my inbox for a few days, I spent some time on their MySpace page and decided to give them a shot. I received the CD in the mail and went to work.

Mike Droho is a singer/songwriter who writes and tours with a violinist and a beat box dude who make up The Compass Rose; they hail from Madison, Wisconsin. On And The World Makes Sense Again, they set up shop and make a nice first impression through “Without A Dime.” Steady and moving, it has a few moments that really stick with you. “Shame on You” is darker, striking in its lyrical content compared to the previously mentioned track. “Not the Man” is also solid, but I hit my first bump with “Back on Top;” I would have liked it to focus more on being funky instead of telling me it’s funky. (Though I have to say, I dug it a little more live.) They follow up with the soulful “What Good is Your Love,” and then the O.A.R.-like “Jesus Louise,” each well done in their own right.

“Said and Done” is a piano ballad that I’m also so-so on; there isn’t anything different or particularly unique to me on the track, which becomes more noticeable for an outfit that is pretty unique in their makeup. After this comes “What Holds You Down,” and that’s a tune that’s going to make you move with a nice chorus. “Restoration” is quirky and belies another hard-charging chorus. The disc finishes with “It Was Not Me,” a tune that rolls off nicely into “Coda” and leaves me feeling like my time with Mike Droho & The Compass Rose was time well spent.

And The World Makes Sense Again is a disc that’s focused around the singer/songwriter sound, but adds elements that complement that focus. There are a couple tracks that are pushing, but the majority of the music is catchy and stays with you. It’s a solid record that sticks out for the right reasons and I’ll be enjoying it again this week and into the next few.

This is the soundtrack to: roll down the car windows, enjoy the warming days, and throw on a few party mixes.

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