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Gregory Porter - "Be Good (Lion's Song)"

11/14/14 09:30, by Mark, 156 words | , Categories: Music  

I was working on a couple of reviews, but find myself sidetracked by this lovely song and video. One of the Noisetrade emails this week brought me to Gregory Porter. Jazz/soul is usually on my outer edges, mostly because I'm an uncouth alt-rock/pop fan, but the three song sampler had me going and "Be Good (Lion's Song)" was the hammer that got me to download and tip.

The descending bass and piano line set the stage for his big, but easy voice. As you listen you realize it's melancholy in lyric, but it still feels warm. It's the kind of song you want playing in the background as you catch up with old friends or start another round of drinks.

The video is a nice compliment, it manages to keep it light without getting cutesy and has some nice visual metaphors.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: Get the feeling of the season, get some soul.

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