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Flights Over Phoenix

11/18/14 12:30, by Mark, 279 words | , Categories: Music  

This Tuesday post is the last of a series on local music from Southern New England with this entry from Los Angeles with New England roots.

Flights Over Phoenix

A fist-pumping, belt-it-in-you-car type of chorus. It's one of my jams right now.

Current Catalogue: ReverbNation

Flights Over Phoenix is a Los Angeles band by way of Massachusetts. I've actually known Keith for a while and have been listening to music he's written or sang over the last nine years. He teamed up with Alex and Chris and they're in the final leg of finishing an album for the end of this year/beginning of next. In the meantime, there's a handful of tracks to be found and downloaded FOR FREE at ReverbNation.

The band's music pulls from a host of popular and alternative influences; I consider it pop, as in the kind of music I would expect to be enjoyed by most people and be heard on the radio. I think it's well-written music that doesn't pander to its audience and stands on its own without having to grab at the latest pop trope.

My favorite track is "Runaway California." It's been on my playlist for a while and I have yet to grow tired of it. The slow organ build-up gives way to a fist-pumping, belt-it-in-you-car type of chorus. It's one of my jams right now.

So we move east to west to close out the run of Southern New England local bands (for now); we finish with some fresh pop music that you should go download right now and give your playlists a little kick.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: A little shot of sunshine, already looking ahead to warmer weather.

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