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You Could Have It So Much Better.

02/17/12 08:59, by Jon, 475 words | , Categories: From Left Field  
Yes, you spent good money on a bachelor's degree; but the people who lent it want it back -- with interest. Goodbye, poor world. Through means I am contractually forbidden to divulge, I have finally claimed a place on the list of the wealthiest h… more »

The Grohl-ar System

12/13/10 08:08, by Jon, 604 words | , Categories: Music, From Left Field  
Yes – we live! And we hunger. And, soon, … we shall feed. … but for now, here’s something I’ve been kicking around for a little while that I’d like to bounce off of you. Recently, while listening to Queens of the… more »

Marconi Station, and Some Thoughts on Technology and Achievement.

10/15/10 08:08, by Jon, 1032 words | , Categories: Technology, Editorial, From Left Field  
How are you leveraging that for humankind? The first transatlantic radio transmission from the United States to the United Kingdom was sent on January 18, 1903, from the Marconi Station near South Wellfleet, MA, on the narrowest part of Cape Cod. The… more »

The Beard-Off: Acceptance

10/04/10 08:08, by Jon, 503 words | , Categories: Editorial, From Left Field  
Good news, everyone – with less than a day remaining, and thanks to some exceptional people deciding to stand up against cancer, Kristin has finally reached her fund-raising goal! Well, it looks like she’s $50 shy, because they… more »

The Beard-Off: Bargaining

09/24/10 08:38, by Jon, 562 words | , Categories: Editorial, From Left Field  
There’s no guarantee that the Beard isn’t already planning to use its Chinatown connections to evade capture. [Editor’s note: Jon and The Beard and I have come to a tentative agreement. In exchange for not hijacking my brother’s… more »
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