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What The Friday?

10/01/10 10:47, by Mark, 280 words | , Categories: News, Music  
Let me kick off the weekend with some catchy electronica by way of deadmau5 featuring Rob Swire. I found this on and besides finding the video solid and humorous, the hook lodged in my brain. This week I visited the chiropractor. I was having… more »

Spartan Race Part I: The Interview

09/01/10 08:08, by Mark, 445 words | , Categories: News, From Left Field  
I hope they walk away with some sense of accomplishment. Last Saturday I trekked up to Amesbury, Massachusetts to take part in the Spartan Race, “an international running series that revives the spirit of an adventurous age.” There were mud… more »

The Beard-Off, Part 1: Denial

08/30/10 08:08, by Mark, 530 words | , Categories: News, Editorial  
Just having a goatee can’t make you evil, right? When my girlfriend ( decided to run the Nike Women’s Marathon to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, I decided to do whatever I could to… more »

"Sound Off" On Facebook

08/13/10 12:12, by Mark, 109 words | , Categories: News, Music  
Friends, Romans, and Soundtrackers. We’re running a feature called “Sound Off” only on our Facebook fan page (Click here for the hi-jinx!). We’re going to be throwing down a musical poll every other week between bands, albums,… more »

Friend BP on YouTube?

06/24/10 08:57, by Jon, 672 words | , Categories: News, Editorial  
I’ve talked a little about BP and its partners, Halliburton and Transocean, both here and with some friends; and I have come to recognize certain exigencies. For starters: they’re only doing what we, through our elected officials and the… more »


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