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Soundtrack Feedback - February

03/04/09 08:08, by Mark, 584 words | , Categories: News, Photography  
Like potpourri, but without the smell. This has been a busy month for me, a lot of travel, and as always, a lot of work. I’ve had a bunch of small things that never made it to post, so I’m going to try a new device to shove all those small… more »

Mike Doughty @ The Space In Hamden, CT

12/22/08 08:08, by Mark, 495 words | , Categories: Music, Photography  
Attack of the smaller rock. In the absolute tornado of things that have been burning up my time and energy, I managed to sneak off to CT for a tiny show that Mike Doughty was playing with multi-instrumentalist and maverick of misdirection, Andrew… more »
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Shooting A Rock Show 101

02/12/08 00:11, by Mark, 927 words | , Categories: Music, Photography  
The band Bayside was kicking off their Storming Stages & Stereos tour in Providence at the Living Room and I felt like that was something I shouldn’t miss, so I bought myself a ticket and grabbed my camera and headed to the show. The place was… more »

Up & Coming: Lannen Fall

01/22/08 22:49, by Mark, 271 words | , Categories: Music, Photography  
On the 11th I popped over to the Living Room in Providence to catch Lannen Fall; I try to catch them at least once a year. They float around the Rock/Indie/Pop sound and remind me of a tighter Marvelous 3 with a little Jimmy Eat World in their pop… more »

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