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Net Neutrality, Sexuality, the iPad, and You: Notes From The Week In Review

04/09/10 08:58, by Jon, 1303 words | , Categories: News, Video, Technology, Editorial  
A lot of stuff happens on Earth over the course of the week, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself with your head buried in one or more websites over the past few days, just trying to keep up. Fortunately for you… more »
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Video Post: Numero 2: Introduction Redux

03/07/08 10:58, by Mark, 22 words | , Categories: News, Video  
A little disjointed, but it’s a start. [object:flash: width:480 height:320] Boom. Streaming video. more »
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Video Post: Introduce Yourself

19/01/08 20:26, by Mark, 38 words | , Categories: News, Video  
My talking face is on the interweb. I set this up to best play in iTunes. I may switch up the formats. If anyone out there watches AND has an opinion feel free to opine it to me. more »

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