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Behind The Scenes

05/31/13 23:21, by Mark, 18 words | , Categories: Quick Hits  
We’re working on a redesign and we just can’t seem to get past serif or sans-serif. HARD TIMES. more »

The Beekeeper's Daughter Dances With The Joker

05/14/12 08:08, by Mark, 22 words | , Categories: Music, Quick Hits  
Whenever I hear this: It seems like the hipster version of this: Just saying. more »

Bernhoft - C'mon Talk

02/29/12 08:08, by Mark, 117 words | , Categories: Music, Quick Hits  
If you're one of the 2.5 million people who haven't seen this, allow the soundtrack to get you internationally funked. [video:youtube:GjEsAEsYCw4] Looping technology has made live amalgamations like this possible, but two things stick out to me mo… more »

Quick Hits - Nada Surf

12/06/11 08:08, by Mark, 13 words | , Categories: Music, Editorial, Quick Hits  
Tis the season to remember, always love. How’s everyone doing? more »

Revis - Caught In The Rain

08/03/11 08:08, by Mark, 110 words | , Categories: Music, Quick Hits  
It’s tough to follow up on a post that snags almost 2,000 views so I might as well post something that I’ve been enjoying lately. Revis released Places For Breathing in 2003 and it was one of those CDs that just stuck with me getting plays… more »


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