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Brandi Carlile - "The Eye"

01/09/15 12:26, by Mark, 291 words | , Categories: Music  
My friend Laura posted this song to her wall a few weeks back; I watched it, gave it a comment and moved on to surfing the rest of the interwebs. "The Eye" tagged along and stuck with me; I ended up downloading it a few days later. As if the song… more »

Andrew Belle - "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

12/24/14 11:00, by Mark, 140 words | , Categories: Music  
We are in the eye of the Christmas season and I tend to find most of the music repetitive and uninspiring. It's beaten into our minds in various structures of commerce as we search to soothe the fear of getting a gift and not having anything to give.… more »

A Wilhelm Scream - "Boat Builders"

12/18/14 08:30, by Mark, 250 words | , Categories: Music  
Tell me why'd I wait so long? Today's song is brought to you by my friend who grew up Long Island and southern New England punk/hardcore fan. We spent some time working together and sharing music. more »

Wrabel - "Sideways"

12/12/14 10:30, by Mark, 130 words | , Categories: Music  
This was an iTunes free single several weeks back and it's still in my "Songs I Want To Hear Today" playlist. It's a pretty piano-based tune with a a dance beat hanging behind it. I like the lyrical content and his falsetto is pretty badass. This is… more »

Ryn Weaver - "OctaHate"

12/06/14 10:02, by Mark, 146 words | , Categories: Music  
I think I was looking up info on VÉRITÉ and I ended up on a link to the HillyDilly Top 30 for 2015. That's a rabbit hole unto itself, focusing mostly on pop and indie electronic sounds. Number #13 on their list was Ryn Weaver and two… more »


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