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Brandi Carlile - "The Eye"

01/09/15 12:26, by Mark, 291 words | , Categories: Music  

My friend Laura posted this song to her wall a few weeks back; I watched it, gave it a comment and moved on to surfing the rest of the interwebs. "The Eye" tagged along and stuck with me; I ended up downloading it a few days later.

As if the song weren't powerful enough, the video is a beautiful live performance. Covered in a sepia tone, Brandi and her bandmates, the twin brothers Tim and Phil Hanseroth, make an arresting visual and musical composition. The song starts with a sparse, lilting acoustic guitar and then comes the vocals.

That will be the last sentence I write that makes sense because THE HARMONIES. OH, THE HARMONIES. Listen to that, no really listen. Strong, yet gentle they blend together knowing that each one's part is vital to the whole of the song. I would listen to them sing me the McDonald's Dollar Menu and I would probably be weeping before they even get to the McDouble.

It helps to have some great lyrics to belt:

I am a sturdy soul
And there ain't no shame
In lying down in the bed you've made
Can you fight the urge to run for another day?

And if that wasn't enough, the turnaround in the chorus pulls it all together with:

You can dance in a hurricane
But only if you're standing in the eye

SIGH. I may end up listening to this song too much. Hopefully my hyperbole hasn't tossed your expectations off of a cliff, but if you're looking for a thoughtful and gentle tune to start your weekend, here it is.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: Watching the snowfall with coffee and whiskey, boxing up the past, and coming back to center.

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