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Born Without Bones - Baby

10/16/14 08:00, by Mark, 475 words | , Categories: Music  

The next few Monday posts are going to focus on local music from Southern New England and an entry from Los Angeles with New England roots.

Born Without Bones - Baby

An interesting combination of rock with some pop and heavier alt-rock.

Release date: July 16, 2013

Born Without Bones is out of Milford, Massachusetts. I found out about them through a cousin of mine down in Jersey who played music in a similar scene. The band had put out a record called Say Hello and that was a blast of 90s-influenced alt-rock with shades early 2000s emo that I enjoyed, thank you very much. They followed it up with their most recent release, Baby.

This record maintains the 90s influence, but with tighter song structures and some departures into some heavy dissonant moments. There's a theme of relationships and that theme is shown through song reprises and lyrics ("You're cold like a stone / How did you get that way") repeated in different songs and sometimes over those previously dissonant moments.

Born Without Bones does a certain kind of song really well. I feel like "Suffice" is a good example of what I think they do well. They take lyrics on the edge of overwrought ("What if I told you my soul was cruel / And what if I told you there was nothing you could do") and wrap them up in musical and vocal ways that pull it back into a song you find yourself bopping your head to with that 90s influence hanging on the outskirts of their sound. "Sync" is another good example of how I would try to summarize their sound, or what I latch onto most about that sound.

They have written interesting material all around and Baby offers tunes like the soft peddle of "Cheap Fun" which rips open and contrasts those other tunes. "I Was In Love," "Stone," and "Rough Terrain (Reprise)" also help balance this record making it an interesting combination of rock with some pop and heavier alt-rock. Baby is a solid listen and a good follow-up album to Say Hello. They manage to take their vibe and what they are good and push it while maintaing what seems to be their sonic identity.

I saw these guys play TT the Bear's last month and they also put on a good live show. They played a little from both albums and busted out two new songs. One of those songs had some juice behind it and goes back to that thing they do well. I can certainly say that I'm looking forward to what they put out next.

This is the soundtrack to: On again / off again relationships, ruminating on your flaws, and a little bit of shoegazing.

Bonus Round: This song is still one of my favorites: "Say Hello." I think that dude has a gnarly sense of chord progressions. TOTES GNARLY.

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