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Bored with Four - Letting You Go EP

10/20/14 08:00, by Mark, 545 words | , Categories: Music  

The next few Monday posts are going to focus on local music from Southern New England and an entry from Los Angeles with New England roots.

Bored With Four - Letting You Go EP

If it feels fun, we're doing it, and damn you if you think you're even slightly too cool for this.

Release date: August 5, 2014

ONTO MY ADOPTED HOMELAND, Rhode Island. Land of oxymorons. I kick off the local music here with a band that has its hands in a little bit of everything. Bored With Four is made of local musicians who play in a few different bands. They will back up local hip hop magician Symmetry when he does a live band, they are also involved with The Empire Shall Fall, and the bassist Nick Sollecito has done a few legs with The Dear Hunter. I don't know how people qualify a musician's musician, but they seem like it.

Letting You Go is the latest EP from the group. It's a four song trip through an eclectic mix of poppy songs with complex time signatures snuck underneath the music; not for the sake of being complicated, but more to keep it subtly interesting for the listener and what may be be a bit of a challenge for the band.

The disc begins with hand claps that lead into "Wild One"; I consider this a brazen opening move as I'm still standing in the back of my office with my arms folded, like it's a fake show. But having seen these guys live, I know how they operate. If it feels fun, we're doing it, and damn you if you think you're even slightly too cool for this. Yes, I had this monologue still standing in the back of my office, staring down my computer.

By the way, "Wild One" is a good song. Singer/piano player Andrew Brown has a unique voice, a little raspy with a nice falsetto and it fits with what they do. "Right with Everything" slows things down ever so slightly with a jazzy shift before launching into my favorite tune, "Big Blue." This song should be bottled and prescribed to anyone who is starting to slip into a bad day. Yeah, that's bordering on an unfounded superlative and I don't expect everyone to like the same things I like, but it's a delightfully upbeat tune with a chorus that approaches zen in its simplicity. Were you guys trying for that, 'CAUSE THAT'S WHAT SEEMED TO HAPPEN.

Letting You Go closes with the title track and echoes this with a song about endings. Sharp and stinging, the lyric "Knew you'd run dry on me" carries the half-time shift in the song through the end as we get jettisoned off into the quiet after it ends.

I try to catch Bored with Four the one or two times a year they play; it's always fun and they like to crank the tempo. You can get the album here and pick up the other two EPs which are also good. You would also be supporting local music which should make you feel slightly better than you did before you supported more local music.

This is the soundtrack to: Relaxing and slapping that sad look off your face before it sets in.

Here's "Asterisk" from a previous EP:

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