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Bob Mould - "The War"

10/10/14 08:00, by Mark, 217 words | , Categories: Music  

Bob Mould was part of the very influential early 80s punk rock band, Hüsker Dü. Most of your favorite punk or alt-rock bands have some love for this band or Bob Mould's on-going solo career. My brother's really into him and I find myself hunting and pecking around the discography, picking up songs that catch my ear.

"The War" is one of those songs that hits all my sweet spots: Big jangly rock guitar, upbeat tempo, and lyrics that hit me right in the grill. It's been a tough year, the kind of year I have currently titled "After the War," clearly glomming onto to this track.

There are lots of choice lines in this song, but the opening ones win by a hair: "All these songs I write for you / They tear me up, it's not hard to do / Listen to my voice / It's the only weapon I kept from the war."

This video comes with your standard rock n' roll features: Visual metaphors mixed with live performance, but also includes a random Ryan Adams appearance. Like I said, lots of love/reverence for Bob Mould from other artists.

So let's kick-off the 3-day weekend rocking right through whatever traffic we're about to sit in.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: Not giving up, not giving in.

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