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Bastille - "Flaws"

10/31/14 09:07, by Mark, 306 words | , Categories: Music  

Bastille is a band out of London; you might remember them from their long-playing single "Pompeii." That was a pretty good tune; it ended up in my iTunes and I figured that would be it. "Bad Blood" had some legs, but I'm really enjoying "Flaws."

The musical composition retains their electronic lightly reggae-influenced sound, but it's the delivery of the lyrics and the lyrics themselves that tie this thing up into a track that I can't stop playing. I've had a lot of time to think about my flaws this year.

Like a lot a lot a lot.

Sometimes spinning around in my chair and just listening to the sound of personal growth for fun.

I've thought about how clumsy we are, constantly bumping into each other with the weight of our flaws. Flaws that we constantly have to work on, flaws that we hope we can be loved through. Bastille does a much better job of translating this than a monotone soliloquy from me, so let's have the multimedia kick us off into the weekend.

You can find the studio track here, but I went with this string-backed recording from Abbey Road. What I find really interesting about them is how well their music translates out of the electronic base. They also have a great sense of harmony; the backing harmony under the lines "I can't fill it / I can't fill it" is great. It's just great. I wish I could write more hyperbole, but it's great and I can't get enough of it.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: A friendly reminder we're all just human beings trying to get it right.

This is also the last weekend of daylight savings time. Get out there and enjoy late afternoon light before you go pulling out the happy lamp to fight the seasonal affective disorder.

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