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A Wilhelm Scream - "Boat Builders"

12/18/14 08:30, by Mark, 250 words | , Categories: Music  

Tell me why'd I wait so long?

Today's song is brought to you by my friend who grew up a Long Island and New England punk/hardcore fan. We spent several years working together and sharing music. He loves him some A Wilhelm Scream and he finally found a song to smack me right in the face. Several months ago I was sitting on the edge of a life change; I found myself listening to "Boat Builders" over and over again as I kept putting off my future. I'd be playing it almost daily as I drove home from work with the rollicking guitars leading the band as they ripped through the tune at an efficient punk pace, repeating "Why'd I wait so long," to rattle at my soul.

With my hands at 10 and 2 ('cause we should all be safe drivers), I'd eventually find the back of my mind squirming in discomfort as they laid down:

I've been guilty; I know that, believe me
I admit, I've been bored, I've been lazy

While the song didn't force me into a decision, it was the sonic mantra that helped focus my brain into the deliberation it needed to get me to the finish line. It is also a rocking song and can easily be listened without any decision baggage. So charge head first into the end of your week with sonic blast of punk goodness.

This is the mini-soundtrack to: Dealing with inertia, head banging your fears into a temporary submission.

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